It may in fact be an unavoidable reality that as people get older, they are bound to look with an eye of disappointment at those who are younger. This is typically due to the natural development of wisdom, wrought through years of life experiences, that older individuals enjoy and adolescents understandably do not.

Still, training and education are also foundational in civilization as well. Today’s youth need their elders to teach and train them the best ways to live. Of course, two of the most conspicuous and necessary social realms in which this process occurs is in home and school. Yet another sphere of society currently trending in this endeavor is the arena of health, wellness and fitness.

Gyms across the country are recognizing the necessity and importance of inculcating the habits of an active lifestyle in kids. Just this week, the YMCA in Hastings, Nebraska hosted more than 300 children as part of its Kid’s Health and Fitness Day, according to an article from KSNB Local 4 News. Story author Cal Larsen detailed the event, writing:

Hastings 18th Street YMCA hosted over 300 children Tuesday to expose them to health and fitness.

The focus of the event was to get children to think about starting healthy lifestyle habits in both fitness and nutrition.

Stations were split into two sections of the YMCA, one focused on fitness with activities such as ball tag, bear crawling and a parachute. The nutrition stations, nearly equally as active, were focused on creating healthy eating habits with meals and snacks.

“Those are the habits you carryout throughout your whole life,” Alex Stodgill of South Heartland District Health Department said. “Once you start them when you’re younger it’s just going to carry with you throughout your whole life, so the younger you can start building those habits the easier it is to maintain them throughout your life.” …

Erika Knott, the YMCA Wellness Director, says the event is crucial for a few reasons: to get children out of the classroom with their friends and moving around, get them exposed to positive habits and allow them to interact with their peers while learning beneficial life tips. 

Knott is spot on and the YMCA’s emphasis on serving the specific needs of people at every stage of life is part of what makes the association so venerated across the country.

To read Larsen’s full writeup, click here.