Your new personal trainer: Alexa

There’s no doubt that Alexa can make your life easier, do menial tasks you prefer to avoid, and be that perfect intelligent personal assistant you never knew you couldn’t live without. But Alexa can do a lot more than shuffle your playlists and tell you what the weather is going to be. You can turn her into your very own personal trainer, and she won’t cost you $100 per hour. If you have Alexa for your Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot device, here’s a lowdown on how to teach her to take you through one of the workouts she has at her virtual fingertips. While Alexa contains over two dozen fitness-related integrations, you have to know how to find an actual workout – one where her voice commands take you on a personal journey to sweat, fat-burning, and muscle-building.

If you want an intense workout, Alexa has HiFit, which gives you 10-15 minutes of high-intensity interval training. You don’t need any equipment, and if you have questions, just ask for instructions. To focus just on your core, Alexa offers the 5-Minute Plank workout, and if you have limited time, check out her 7-Minute Workout, which focuses on increasing metabolism, lowering stress and removing fat. The key is finding a good place to do the workout where you won’t be distracted. Be prepared to follow her commands as she takes you down a path of fitness and better health. And when you’re finished, ask Alexa to give you directions to the nearest healthy smoothie shop. Might as well keep the healthy habits rolling!

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