Work Day Workouts

Want to find a way to up your fitness training, without a major commitment, and develop some strong habits in the process?  One convenient and fairly simple way to do it is by making adjustments in your workday routine to add small exercise bursts through more strategic movement.  Danielle Johnson, a physical therapist for the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, offered several tips that, if done consistently, can provide the results many people are looking for.

“People feel stretched between their career, child care demands and family commitments. Thinking of spending an hour extra at the gym may feel overwhelming,” Johnson said.

The tips are fairly obvious, so the key to actually getting the benefits is to get off your chair at work and do them. One thing you can do on a daily basis is take two 10-minute walks during the workday.  Even if you don’t think you can squeeze it in, you actually can!  Make a couple work calls on your cell phone as you circle the office parking lot or walk around your corporation’s campus.  And when you feel that daily energy lull in the mid afternoon, instead of running to the vending machine or coffee maker, do a five-minute interval of body-weight squats, lunges or push-ups.  Your energy level will pick up and you will see tangible results if done consistently.  And finally, the stairwell is your friend.  Take the steps instead of the elevator when you can.  On top of getting a hidden cardio workout, think of all the awkward conversations you can avoid.


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