With the meteoric rise of gridiron football in America over the past century, the biggest four team sports in the country have been football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey. Without a doubt, the popularity of these sports has grown with the advent of television, as fans of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL exist in every state. Each league now boasts between 30 and 32 teams. Of course, soccer remains the most popular sport worldwide and MLS continues to grow in the U.S. As the league’s regular season winds down, fans can also enjoy games from all five sports this month.

For those who enjoy watching these professional sports, there’s no better month than October, which features playoff baseball, regular season football and soccer, along with the start of hockey and basketball, all before November arrives.

While watching television is most often a sedentary activity (it doesn’t have to be), watching some of the world’s finest athletes ought to inspire a more active lifestyle amongst spectators. With only so much free time to spare, it’s helpful to consider which sports produce the best workouts. Best is a relative term in this instance, though, as having fun is part of what makes sports so great in the first place. Enjoying healthy competition makes burning calories an added benefit to chasing victory with teammates or friends.

Even still, keeping track of calories burned is a great habit to develop. Below are estimates of the total amount of calories burned in an average workout for each of the aforementioned sports, according to Calorielab.com. Also included is the 4-1-1 for novice sports fans to freshen up on before the games get underway.

Football: 544 calories burned

Last season’s Super Bowl champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, are off to a slow start. The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs are unbeaten, but most other division leaders still have a lot to prove.

Basketball: 476 calories burned

The Golden State Warriors remain heavy favorites to win a fourth title in five years. Still, the biggest storyline is LeBron James, who joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the offseason.

Baseball: 272 calories burned

The Houston Astros won the World Series in 2017 and look to repeat, as they advanced to the ALCS this week. The Los Angeles Dodgers hope for a shot at redemption after winning the National League last year.

Hockey: 476 calories burned

After many disappointing playoff appearances, NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin led the Washington Capitals to a Stanley Cup Championship last season. They trounced the Boston Bruins 7-0 last week on opening night.

Soccer: 612 calories burned

The 2017 MLS Cup champion Toronto FC have had a disappointing season with just 33 points to date. Atlanta United and FC Dallas currently lead their Eastern and Western conferences, respectively.