For some people, it may seem paradoxical to work out while on vacation. The concept of physical strain appears counterintuitive to rest and relaxation at first glance. However, those who understand the reward of daily exercise often realize the value in prioritizing it when traveling.

Avoiding sedentary choices is an essential first step to staying active while away from home, but that can be easier in resolve than execution (eating healthy typically presents a similar dilemma). Not everyone has a multi-location gym membership and even the most abundant clubs can’t cover every corner of the country. Moreover, many hotels leave much to be desired when it comes to the contemporary fitness scene.

As the active lifestyle movement progresses, leading hotels and resorts are adjusting accordingly to ensure patrons are satisfied upon their departure. Velas Resorts are among the premier vacation destination providers aiming to take guest wellness offerings to another level, according to a recent article by Forbes. Story author Robin Raven detailed the extravagant wellness amenities, writing:

Velas Resorts is known for its collection of luxurious, all-inclusive resorts that offer caring, personalized service to every guest. What’s not to love about staying in gorgeous surroundings where you’re treated like royalty? Their planned activities, spas, and vegan-friendly cuisine attract many health-conscious guests. Now three Velas Resorts properties are revolutionizing the concept of a wellness getaway with wellness suites that have everything a workout enthusiast could want. If you’re looking for a getaway to an idyllic place to start or continue any fitness journey, consider booking one of these wellness suites. …

A 24-hour personalized wellness concierge service caters to your needs around the clock. The Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit offers fitness programs you can choose from, and a 50-minute massage at the onsite spa is included with your stay. Although goose down pillows and comforters are unfortunately part of the bedding that’s typically offered, you can request vegan-friendly bedding to relax with greater peace of mind during your stay.

Get a good workout in on a recumbent exercise bike that’s in your suite. Also included is an exercise kit that has free weights, a yoga mat, and elastic bands. A personal trainer is available to come help you make the most of the exercise equipment.

Eat in a healthy way throughout your stay. You can order vegan-friendly items from the 24-hour suite service menu. A wellness mini bar in your room has veggie crudité, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. It also offers a variety of health drinks and Tea Forte teas.

Although many smart vacationers have recognized the value in exercising while on vacation for years now, those individuals are no longer limited to the meagre gym offerings often associated with hotel stays.

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