Competition often helps individuals push beyond their self-perceived limitations to achieve unprecedented personal accomplishments. When done well amongst friends and acquaintances, it also builds camaraderie and sometimes even companionship. All of this is good for a society, especially within local communities.

Such was the case earlier this month when a new fitness court opened in Converse, Texas, according to a report from My San Antonio. Led by Mayor Al Suarez, callisthenic workouts were on full display for area residents, public officials, and members of the media. Story author Jeff Flinn detailed the specifics behind the news, writing:

With its mayor banging out 42 push-ups in 45 seconds, Converse residents turned out for the unveiling of the Converse Fitness Court, a circuit training system that is located in the Converse City Park area.

The National Fitness Campaign selected Converse as one of seven recipients for the $80,000 court, a bodyweight circuit training system designed for adults of all ages and abilities. Each fitness court is integrated with shock-resistant sports flooring and is comprised of exercise stations that allow for up to 28 individuals to use the court at the same time. The court accommodates a variety of skill levels and abilities at each station, from beginner to expert. 

Converse Mayor Al Suarez stepped up and challenged the city’s police and fire chiefs to a show of fitness, performing push-ups along the seven-stationed court.

“This is part of the vision of the city, encouraging a healthy life here in Converse, to get out and exercise for all the residents,” Suarez said at Friday’s grand opening. “This is a viable option for all the families, alternative family entertainment to come out and work out. It’s a high-quality court that all citizens of Converse will be able to use free of charge.”

The fitness court is located at the beginning of the Greenway Trail, a path that will connect to North Park and create a linear park. Also near the fitness court is the city’s soon-to-be-opened Converse Lake, which is being restored to its natural state and made accessible to residents on Memorial Day.

Suarez’s vision for the city is a good one, at least the part of it that promotes exercise in the community. Fostering a spirit of solidarity in healthy living and outdoor activity is one that can produce numerous other benefits.

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