South Florida city now offers free Zumba classes in city park

Emphasis on health and fitness does not just have to be a personal matter. It can be a collective effort involving both the private and public sector.

The city of Doral apparently understands this, as it has launched a free Zumba class for its residents.

Over 300 people in Downtown Doral Park attended the latest free Zumba class that offers the opportunity to move around and enjoy an active lifestyle.

According to CBS Miami, the usually-quiet park transformed into a giant outdoor studio with men and women of all ages getting active and burning calories. Mayor Juan Carlos Bermudez joined in on the fun, welcoming the large crowd to this outdoor project.

“This event is part of a step up Doral Program which was started through the Mayor’s office and the Parks Department,” Bermudez said before he took the stage to welcome the crowd.

“The idea is to make Doral the healthiest city in Florida,” he added.

Jenettsy Chiszar, a Zumba fitness instructor, lead the group on stage.

“Zumba is the best way to work out!” she said about the Zumba class. “It’s like dancing; it’s a great way to have fun while you’re burning calories.”

CBS Miami reporter Dave Warren observed that the class atmosphere was great because it motivated everyone to stay active and keep up with their fellow participants.

While Chiszar lead the massive crowd in the exercises, a DJ played dance music to create an entertaining, outdoor atmosphere.

“This is great to have the community coming out and enjoying themselves. They are getting fit and getting to know each other,” said Barbie Hernandez, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Doral.

Doral helped develop this project with Mind Body Social, a concept created by Jose Antonio Hernandez and Luis Sanabria.

“We want to see it go national but the important thing for us is to make a difference. Each person here will leave feeling better and will make the community better tomorrow,” said Sanabria.

Hosting healthy events and improving the lives for people in the community is the core mission of Mind Body Social.

The large Zumba event is just the latest example of communities working hard to make sure that everyone stays active and healthy.

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