Few places in America offer more history, diversity and personality than the Crescent City. New Orleans is a unique place known for French culture, jazz music and delicious food, among other things. With such a tasty cuisine, the reality is that many of the city’s traditional food and beverage recipes make exercise a little more strenuous the next day.

While working out may not always be easy, and paying for it can be a pain as well, police officers in the Big Easy can enjoy an upgrade in equipment, after an act of beneficence from a local eGym. Prime Fitness RX donated full gym equipment to a NOPD station just over a month ago, according to an article from the NOPD News website.

Story author Danielle B. Miller detailed the news, writing:

Members of the Eighth District Police Station recently received a generous donation of full gym equipment from the owners of Prime Fitness RX.

On May 30, 2019, New Orleans entrepreneurs Sacha and Mark Owens held a reception to culminate National Police Week. During the reception, the Owens donated fitness equipment to the NOPD to create a full-service fitness center inside of the Eighth District Police Station.

The new equipment consists of cardio machines, free weights, fitness accessories, strength training equipment and more.

According to Deputy Chief Christopher Goodly, the new fitness equipment will be a great addition to the Eighth District.

“The donation of this gym equipment will increase fitness opportunities for our officers in the Eighth District. It is very important that we equip our officers with the resources they need to become better mentally and physically.” 

Prime Fitness RX is Louisiana’s first eGym, and one of only four eGyms in the U.S. An eGym is a state-of-the-art training concept that provides fully electronic exercise machines for all major muscle groups. 

It is always encouraging to see private companies and public institutions operate together in harmony, and this move from Prime Fitness RX is a great way to promote that concept. Moreover, it is especially important for local law enforcement to stay in good shape.

To read Miller’s full writeup, click here.