One of the most fascinating current cultural trends that has developed as a result of new technology is the increased access to premier quality products and services, which were, in years past, largely limited in availability to the rich and famous.

Now, thanks in large part to digital advertising and social media, anyone able to afford and willing to pay the price can enjoy the nutritional plans, boutique gyms and exercise advice that were once exclusive to celebrities. Living, eating and working out like a Hollywood A-lister, though still not cheap, is easier than ever before.

Among the recent examples of this is the popular fitness program P.volve. The workout now offers a new personal training product, according a recent press release published on Yahoo Finance, which notes:

P.volve, the innovative, fitness method loved by celebrities, models and influencers alike, launched the p.3 trainer ($69.99): a versatile, 3-in-1 product that strengthens and lengthens the body from head-to-toe. One of social media’s most buzzed-about workouts and touted for its unique products, this is P.volve’s third proprietary piece of equipment (patent-pending) since their November 2017 launch.

Committed to designing fitness equipment that focuses on hard-to-reach muscles, the p.3 trainer sculpts the whole-body with a specific concentration on the core, arms and glutes.  

Consisting of a resistance band, 1.5 lb. ball, a handle (interchangeable with the weighted ball), and two ankle straps, this multi-use system is designed for both on-the-mat and standing exercises, achieving long, lean muscles, without the bulk. The p.3 trainer can take you from beginner to advanced moves connecting the arm and leg through the core under tension.

Because of the resistance between the ankle strap and weighted ball (or handle), the p.3 trainer pushes the body beyond its threshold, forming a long, posture-aligning stretch from the tips of your fingers to your toes. …

The p.3 trainer follows the company’s revolutionary p.ball that targets the upper inner thighs, abs and lower butt (in a consumer study, 97% of women found the p.ball effective after two weeks of use), and the, a glove-inspired, hand-locking system that targets every inch of the arm, especially the under arm. P.volve’s online streaming platform features more than 200 workout videos, many which include workouts that feature its proprietary equipment and new content is uploaded weekly.

Readers of gossip magazines who are in pursuit of an active lifestyle are likely to rejoice at this news. Perhaps one day top-of-the-line sports cars and luxury vehicles will be available to average Jane’s and Joe’s too.

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