In many ways, lifestyles of the rich and famous often seem unfathomably different from those of the average Jane’s and Joe’s of the world. Although posh amenities and personal trainer services may price out ordinary folk, fitness is one of the ways celebrities are no different than the people who follow them on social media.

For more than two decades now, Barry’s Bootcamp has served as a favorite high intensity interval training for Hollywood A-listers. Once word got out, Los Angeles was just one of many cities around the world offering the unique workouts. Now the expansion has moved all the way to the other corner of the globe, as Barry’s is coming to Australia. The news was reported in an article from the Daily Telegraph, which notes:

After opening Sydney last year, Barry’s Bootcamp is expanding its Australian operations, with Barry’s first Melbourne studio due to open in October.

The US-owned fitness phenomenon, which is backed in Australia by the Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG), has secured a site in Flinders Lane, with a second Melbourne studio to follow.

Barry’s currently operates three locations in Sydney. 

The famously hardcore workout sessions burn up to 1000 calories in 55 minutes and spike the metabolism for around 48 hours afterwards.

“There is a group fitness culture in Melbourne and the colder climate of the state and city lifestyle lends itself to the Barry’s offering,” Barry’s Bootcamp chief executive Joey Gonzalez said, of the expansion into Melbourne.

“Upon launch (in Australia), there was already demand for Barry’s, from clients who had experienced Barry’s in other global regions, such as London, Los Angeles, New York and Milan. 

“We are always looking at expansion opportunities across Australia.”

While the toilets may flush differently in the Outback, burning calories there looks no different than it does anywhere else.

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