Sometimes marketing strategies employ a playful pejorative expression to get the attention of an intended audience. Other times they mimic an existing term. Both of these techniques are at work in the recent advent of what is now known as a “fitness crawl.”

One of the nation’s hottest new fitness crawls will be held in America’s capital next month, according to an article this week from Washingtonian. Despite the association of a “fitness crawl,” presumably marketed to contrast with a “beer crawl,” the former’s mission is not intended to make patrons so miserably sore that they feel like crawling. In fact, the opposite is closer to the truth.

Novices and individuals intrigued but otherwise disengaged in boutique fitness workouts are encouraged to attend, with the hope of discovering a new workout. Story author Mimi Montgomery explains the event’s appeal and overall strategy, writing:

If you missed SweatCon Rally last year, don’t worry: It’s coming back again.

The boutique fitness studio crawl (like a bar crawl, except sober and a lot better for you) will host its second-annual DC event May 18. 

Here’s how it works: That morning, participants will meet at the 880 P apartment building’s rooftop for a kick-off party, complete with all the perks your fitness-loving heart desires. Think a juice bar, DJ, photo booth, a hair braiding station, and a grab-bag filled with goods from brands like Vita Coco, Sweetgreen, and Living Proof.

You will definitely want to grab a swag bag. 

When you register for the event, you can choose between six local neighborhoods in which to studio hop (and for the first time, Clarendon is in the mix). You’ll be in a group of about 20-to-40 people, and a team captain will lead you to your selected neighborhood. There, you’ll hit three different studios for 30 minutes each.

The goal is to try new spots and challenge yourself while in a welcoming environment, says Tori Scott, the founder of fitness studio-reviewing site Sweat Concierge, which hosts the affair. … 

And with a solid mix of cardio, strength, and yoga and barre workouts in each neighborhood, it’s likely you’ll find one thing (or two! or three!) that really resonates.

“Our belief is that there’s something out there for everyone,” says Scott. “Our mission is to match people up with the studio that’s best for them.”

It is encouraging to see the continued decline in what were once intimidating environments for those stuck in sedentary lifestyles. More progress remains, but crawling must be mastered before walking and running, as they say.

To learn more about the event, including ticket pricing, read Montgomery’s full writeup by clicking here.