Over the years, many have debated whether or not it is better to focus on specialization or diversification as it pertains to a professional skillset. There is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all answer, as different industries demand different roles and thus, different training suits each career field respectively.

Imagine a Venn Diagram with three circles – one for fitness, one for nutrition and one for other relevant aspects of wellness. While it may be wise for some companies to target specific circles, others are choosing to aim directly for the center, with the hopes of reeling in profits from consumers in search of one or more of those three pursuits.

Among these is the new digital platform Openfit, according to a press release published this week on Yahoo Finance, which notes:

Openfit, the all-in-one digital platform for fitness, nutrition and wellness, launches today with a certified trainer-led live group fitness experience that is integrated with personalized, easy-to-follow nutrition programming and tracking, making it possible for anyone to achieve their health and wellness goals. A technological first, the “Openfit Live” feature of the platform disrupts the bricks and mortar boutique fitness studio industry by offering 350+ weekly live certified trainer-supervised workouts via digital streaming, capped at 40 attendees per class, during which the trainer gives real-time feedback, motivation and coaching to the subscriber through optional use of their phone’s camera. Openfit also offers hundreds of on-demand workouts featuring celebrity trainers including Andrea Rogers, Devin Wiggins, Tough Mudder X Champion Hunter McIntyre and the Hollywood stuntwomen of the Rough Around the Edges program. Openfit is available on Openfit.com, along with iOSAndroid and Roku devices, with support for Apple Watch available now and Apple TV support coming soon, all for less than $15/month.

With Openfit Live, members receive real-time feedback from trainers certified in strength training, HIIT, yoga, kickboxing and more as well as supervised group running and walking classes. The new technology in the Openfit app allows the trainer, and only the trainer, to see each member during their workout if the member chooses to turn their camera on. This enables the trainer to provide personalized motivation and guidance to improve form, just like in an in-person small group boutique studio. Openfit Live running and walking classes feature audio coaching and motivation from a live trainer with personalized stats including distance, pace and a group leaderboard. …

Where there are hundreds of apps and services offering either fitness or nutrition solutions, the combination of Openfit’s wide selection of live and on-demand fitness classes, integrated with sophisticated meal planning makes it easy to achieve results because the entire solution is one place.

Although the fulfillment may prove challenging, the concept is a smart one, as those looking to maintain an active lifestyle often discover the importance of eating healthy while doing so, and vice versa.

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