For the most part, people accomplish what is most important to them, regardless of whatever obstacles might slow, distract or otherwise impede them. Excuses are usually offered for things that were not a high enough priority, justifiably so or not. Placing values on the order of those priorities is an entirely separate and subjective process.

With that said, there are undoubtedly hurdles that make certain achievements and disciplined habits more challenging. Two of the most common hindrances when it comes to maintaining a consistent exercise routine are boredom and time scarcity. In an effort overcome this, experts often try to amalgamate fun and brevity into one consolidated activity. This occurs in both the entertainment and fitness industries.

Nintendo has been at the forefront of this kind of innovation for more than a decade now, and the innovative company recently released a new game that aims to help users burn calories in a hurry and have a blast doing so, according to a recent article from CNN. Story author Shannon Liao detailed the news, writing:

Nintendo is once again selling fitness.

The video game maker unveiled on Thursday “Ring Fit Adventure,” which is sold with a new piece of hardware — a squeezable electronic ring that senses pressure. In “Ring Fit,” you play a jogger who discovers a magical ring and squeezes it, accidentally releasing a monstrous dragon that’s very in shape. … 

The objective is to complete different physical challenges, from a range of squats, yoga poses, running, high knees and more, to finally confront the dragon at the end of the game. Nintendo said that the game “is meant to fit into busy lifestyles” with short sessions to be played over several months but that playtime will differ for individuals.

“Nintendo is always looking for ways to surprise people,” said Nick Chavez, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Nintendo, in a press release. “Ring Fit Adventure combines gaming and physical activity in a way that incentivizes people to keep coming back for more.” 

Nintendo has made fitness accessories before, carving out a market for children and older adults who want to stay energetic. Most famously, it launched the Wii Fit at the start of the global economic downturn more than a decade ago. The Wii Fit uses an electronic balance board that responds to players’ movement and weight. It lets you try a range of activities including aerobics, strength training, balance games and yoga. Earlier this year, Nintendo launched a “Fitness Boxing” game, also for Switch, where you can wield the Joy-Cons in each hand to control your virtual boxer.

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