One of the benefits that comes with a boom in any industry is the subsequent increase in the variety of choices available to consumers. Not only does the elevated competition create lower costs, but it also forces suppliers to improve the quality of their goods and services. That does not necessarily mean that every product will be inexpensive. Quality and prices are both relative.

In the case of the blossoming fitness world, health and wellness provisions keep getting better and better. Free apps and state-of-the-art devices are ubiquitous. Most cities in America boast multiple selections of gyms. Moreover, in-home exercise is growing and may be more popular than ever before.

Still, some people want the absolute best of the best. Naturally, many of those people live in New York City. They now have another choice to make if they are devoted to maintaining their opulent active lifestyles. A new elite, private fitness and wellness club, called THE WELL, recently opened in New York City, according to an article this week by Marie Claire. Story author Rachel Epstein chronicled guided her tour with THE WELL owners, writing:

THE WELL houses a meditation dome, a full-fledged spa equipped with a gorgeous locker room and two steam and sauna rooms, a library that holds events, lectures, workshops, and weekly emotional support circles, a mindful movement studio that hosts up to 10 classes per day, a mini fitness center with a personal trainer, a reflexology lounge for foot and head massages that can be enjoyed while sipping a glass of wine (or water or tea), and private rooms for once-a-month health coach sessions. Beyond its amenities, THE WELL’s goal is for members to have access to their acupuncturist and their “real” doctor under the same roof, using both Eastern healing and Western medicine to help you become the healthiest version of yourself. …

Of course, wellness comes at a price: Access to all of these amenities costs $375 per month (minus the practitioners trained in Functional & Integrative Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Sports Medicine, and Ayurveda—that’s à la carte), plus a $500 initiation fee. If you’re under the age of 32, membership is $210 per month.

Unlike popular membership-based clubs like The Assembly or The Wing, THE WELL is geared towards both men and women, aiming to reach those of us just getting started on our wellness journeys (define it as you will!), and others who have been exploring wellness for years. So far, membership has been generated based on word-of-mouth, with Parekh and Hallock hosting small gatherings in their homes and discussing their visions with close friends and investors (Will Smith is one of them). Parekh and Hallock say a lot of couples have already joined, mostly in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and they want the club to be as accessible as possible for its 400 members and counting.

Certainly, THE WELL is not meant for anyone and everyone. Yet for those who are willing to pay a premium on health and wellness, they will surely have all their needs and wants met at this top shelf facility.

To read Epstein’s full writeup, click here.