The time has come for Apple sycophants and fitness junkies to unite. Jocks and nerds alike will find plenty to gush about with the latest edition of the Apple Watch.

In addition to aesthetic and communicative improvements, the company made ambitious strides in wellness features.

“We’re thrilled Apple Watch has become an essential part of people’s lives,” Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a press release this week. “The completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 4 continues to be an indispensable communication and fitness companion, and now with the addition of groundbreaking features, like fall detection and the first-ever ECG app offered directly to consumers, it also becomes an intelligent guardian for your health.”

The groundbreaking ECG app utilizes electrodes and electrical heart rate sense built into the watch hardware. The technology allows for heart rhythm classifications to be made 30 seconds after command, which can be safely stored and provided to a physician.

With a battery life now lasting up to six hours, more serious long-distance runners can use the device without concern of losing power before the conclusion of their workout.

Also included is a fall detector feature, which processes “wrist trajectory and impact acceleration” to sense the degree of severity of a perceived fall. In the event of a determined hard fall, the watch prompts an easy, slide-option to make an emergency call adjacent to a button to dismiss.

More additions include a friend-to-friend walkie-talkie feature and “activity competitions” where apple users can challenge others fellow users to fitness challenges. The spirit of competition and camaraderie is alive and well in Cupertino these days!

Apple constantly pushes the envelope for lifestyle enhancement through technological ingenuity. These new developments encouraging a more physical activity, mingled with human interaction, should be championed and celebrated.

While the technology is not sufficient motivation in and of itself, the convenience it supplies streamlines goal setting and wellness tracking, which goes a long for those who exercise every day as well as those just getting started.

The Series 4 Apple Watch is available for purchase as of this past weekend. To discover more details and read the full press release, including carrier availability, visit