With so much competition in the world of fitness, nutrition and wellness, smart marketing strategies prove invaluable. Of course, that is because they are not easy to craft. Many promote a holistic approach of improving overall health.

And although some apps these days promise excellence with the implication of indefinite use, most do not make audacious claims of permanent relevance quite like entrepreneur Matthew Fogle, according to an article in Market Watch at The Wall Street Journal.

The app, called “1 Workout 4 Life” is free and tacitly discourages the often-siloed approach to fitness, where people carve out 30-60 minutes each day for concentrated exercise. The alternative, of implementing more moderate physical activity into daily tasks, determined by the individual’s specific demands and routine, is a smart one that Fogle suggests. According to the article:

A new smartphone sports and fitness app, 1 Workout 4 Life, launched by Fitness Spark Plug, is designed to get people in shape and keep them in shape – not just for the short-term, but long-term too. This flagship program is free to download on Google Play and the Apple App Store. … 

Matthew Jay Fogle is the app’s creator as well as a certified personal trainer. He says, “1 Workout 4 Life is the most sustainable gym workout on the planet.”

The app is simple to follow and takes a whole-body approach to fitness. It’s a complete workout that users can cycle for their entire life – not just 21 days, 30 days and so on. 

“My philosophy is that people don’t have to be infatuated with their workouts, as most of the fitness industry seems to promote,” Fogle says. “Fitness should be implemented as a routine to help people accomplish their greater goals and life callings. Once you have that mentality, it becomes easier and more sustainable.”

 1 Workout 4 Life is a combination of exercise routines that uses multiple rep ranges and rest intervals, a mixture of cables, dumbbells, barbells and other modalities. It also includes compound and isolated movements for enhanced progression and targets all the major muscle groups. People can easily customize their routines based on how many times per week they exercise. There are separate workouts for men and women, and each day’s routine can be accomplished in about 45 minutes.

There are more than 40 exercises in the program, and video demonstrations are available at the touch of convenient links. Nutrition and lifestyle articles are also included in the app to give users a higher chance of success.

The paradigm shift of realizing that there is no “one size fits all” workout plan is one that more people need to understand. Fogle’s drive to enhance app users overall thinking is laudable.

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