People often reference cars as metaphors to convey a variety of different messages about life and the importance of understanding how certain things work. One distinction made about cars, or automobiles more broadly speaking, is the difference between their external appearance and internal efficiency. A fancy new sedan may look sporty yet run poorly. Conversely, an older pickup truck might appear shabby while the engine is still going strong.

Of course, this concept is applicable and relevant for businesses as well. As it pertains to health and wellness, everyone knows the person who wears the nicest activewear is often not the most fit person at the gym. In fact, often the person who cares least about their workout getup is the one who exercises the hardest. Logistics are essential and not always connected to aesthetics. When it comes to gyms, ensuring high quality service is a top priority.

Many gym franchises looking for help with their numerous operations have turned to Jonas Fitness, which specializes in club management software. The company’s reputation recently added some esteemed hardware to its shelf, according to a press release, which notes:

Jonas Fitness, the industry leader in Club Management Software, was announced last week as the 2019 Medical Fitness Association’s Industry Partner of the Year at their 19th annual International Conference.

“We are so grateful to the Medical Fitness Association for deeming us worthy of this great honor. Over the last couple of years, we’ve made a concerted effort to optimize our software services and product offerings to better serve the medical wellness community. This award validates all of the hard work our employees have put into our product and only motivates us to continue our innovation in all facets of our business,” said Scott Burgess, President of Jonas Fitness. 

“The core mission at the heart of medical wellness facilities – to empower a healthy lifestyle in our communities – is something that we closely identify with. We look forward to our continued partnership with the MFA, and would like to thank them for all of their contributions to this growing sector of the industry,” said Burgess.

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To read the full press release from Jonas Fitness, click here.