At the core of any law enforcement agency is a responsibility to uphold the rules and regulations of the land within its respective jurisdiction. Protecting freedom and property are essential to the fulfillment of this mission, yet there remain ample opportunities for the individuals serving within these branches of government to exhibit community values given that they are inherently role models in the community.

As the emphasis on staying fit and active has grown in recent years, many officers are working hard to both embody disciplined exercise routines and inculcate them amongst the local youth. In a Kansas City church that was built over a century ago, members of the local police department are exemplifying this concept, according to an article published this week from KCTV. Story authors Betsy Webster and Maggie Holmes detailed the unorthodox facility, writing:

Kansas City, Kansas’ 8-month-old Police Athletic League program has exploded.

“When we were conceptualizing this, we were thinking we might have 100, 200 kids if we were wildly successful,” Matt Tomasic, the KCK PAL Director said.

The gym now has 600 kids in the program.

So when Major Frank Ise and four others from the Lenexa Police Department jumped into the mix, it could not have come at a better time.

“We started getting more workouts in, more exercise,” Uridia Sanchez, who is 13-years-old, said.

“If we’re not active and present with the kids, then they’re going to get bored and stop coming back,” Tomasic said.

It’s not unusual to see police departments joining forces during a chase or a string of burglaries, but that’s because it’s affecting their own communities. In this case, it’s more like that police and fire phrase, mutual aid.

They’ve also expanded to more than fitness.

In their garden, they’ve grown 1,100 pounds of organic produce for their kids and their families. They also hit the thousand egg mark with their chickens and have collected more than 100 pounds of honey from their bees.

New Jersey may be called The Garden State, but these members of the Sunflower State are cultivating healthy lifestyle habits that are sure to produce a harvest of rewarding outcomes in the near future.

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