Sometimes it is easy to forget just how much of a difference one person can make in his or her community, despite so many past examples of this phenomenon. In certain cases, there are efforts of galvanizing support and rallying others. However, often times the best displays of leadership are done inconspicuously and without self-promotion. Sometimes a mix of both behaviors gets the job done.

One recent example of an individual inspiring an active lifestyle in the community comes out of the Hoosier State, courtesy of Brandon Beasley, a personal trainer in Indianapolis whose outdoor workout led more than 350 others to follow in his footsteps, according to a recent report from WTHR in Indiana, which notes:

One man’s mission to get fit has now spread to hundreds of others.

It started with just a few people working out, but now hundreds of people show up at Lawrence Park to run the hill.

It was started by Brandon Beasley. He said there were 5 people at the first event, but it quickly grew to 50, then 100 and now 300 people.

“It’s crazy to see this big group of strangers that barely know each other, but you see everybody pushing each other motivating each other,” Beasley told WTHR. He appreciates the way fitness builds camaraderie amongst strangers, almost instantly. “It’s somebody I’ve never seen before in my life, but I see you going hard and I’m like ‘Come on.’”

Beasley posted the following message on his Instagram page, reacting to the news coverage:

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