In decades past, professional athletes typically stayed out of the public spotlight after the completion of their career in their respective sport. Nowadays, in large part due to social media, the whereabouts, opinions and happenings of retired superstars often makes headlines in the mainstream media.

One former baseball star has established himself as ambitious and successful through his numerous entrepreneurial endeavors and does not appear to be losing any speed on his bat swing, so to speak. The former Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers All-Star shortstop, and polarizing Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez is taking a more physical approach with his latest pursuit.

The iconic slugger is supporting a new fitness app called Fitplan, along with prominent investor Sam Yagan’s venture firm, according to an article this week from American Inno. Story author Jim Dallke summarized the news, writing:

Chicago venture firm Corazon Capital and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez are backing a fitness app that connects people with workout plans from some of the world’s top trainers.

Corazon Capital, led by Chicago serial entrepreneur Sam Yagan, announced Monday that it co-led a $4.5 million round in Fitplan, a Los Angeles-based app that gives users access to dozens of available workouts designed by well-known trainers. The app offers step-by-step instructional videos and nutrition tips, along with ways to track your weights, reps and time.

Fitness pros on the app include Kim Kardashian’s personal trainer Melissa Alcantara and bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn. 

Other backers in the round include Mark Mastrov, CEO and founder of 24 Hour fitness, as well as Lerer Hippeau, Bullpen Capital, Imaginary and Advancit Capital.

While he may not be staring down the world’s most daunting pitchers anymore, Rodriguez is still swinging for the fences.

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