GQ is one of the leading voices on men’s culture, especially when it comes to style, swag, and health. So it’s wise to take their views seriously.

GQ’s London office recently asserted that men no longer have to be human. A bionic lifestyle is now within reach.

GQ listed a bunch of new technologies that allow humans to achieve a post-human state. While the magazine was being hyperbolic, it was not necessarily off. New technologies and gadgets really have empowered humans to attain new levels never seen before in history.

Compress your recovery

Introducing a new generation of active recovery, for those who require ultimate performance day in and day out. Using revolutionary NormaTec Pulse Compression technology, this product not only helps recovery from long-haul flights and changes of time zones, but also from intensive bouts of exercise, stressful work days and busy social lives. Simply strap it on and allow it to pulse, massage and release the pressure in your muscles to bring new life to tired limbs.

Hire a health manager

With the modern and ever-growing popularity of health and fitness there has emerged a gap for a rare breed of expert to flourish. These people are the true authorities and professors of the industry who can coordinate personal health and fitness teams for clients all round the world, but can also navigate between medical elements, bringing seamlessly together all the components of a life fully lived. The spiritual equivalent of a portfolio manager, they develop health strategies, oversee results and analyse trends to take personalisation to the next level. One of the best known is Stephen Price, who not only has a portfolio of his own wellness clubs and spas (under the Body Space brand), but also guides a select group of individuals through various projects, including transforming their work/life balance and developing pre- and post-treatment programs.

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