December has arrived, ushering in excitement for the holidays and simplifying the calendar countdown. As the temperature decreases, so too does the remaining time for checking off items on the wish lists of family and friends. Procrastination doesn’t hurt like it did in the days before Amazon made shipping nationwide look like an annual cakewalk, but opportunity still hasn’t grown patient. It’s always wise to hop on the season’s best deals before they disappear!

Just as “the half of knowledge is knowing where to find it,” so too is the most challenging aspect of holiday shopping deciding which gift guides to trust. To help keep The Latest readers informed, we polled our Generation Active audience to find out exactly which presents they hope to receive next month.

Click here to read Part 1, which highlights the hottest tech items this holiday season.

In Part 2, we’ll take a closer look at some of the more aesthetic items appearing on wish lists across the country this holiday season, that is: athletic apparel and wearable technology. Included with each item are excerpts from product reviews and descriptions.

Apple Watch Series 4: No surprise here. The technology behemoth appears on wish lists for just about every type of person these days. There are plenty of reasons to make the switch to wearing a smartwatch, or upgrading to the most current version from Apple, and the Series 4 accommodates an active lifestyle in remarkable new ways.

The myriad improvements here make the AW4 greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a testament to Apple’s dogged determination to nailing the Watch and not giving up on a product that was not universally loved when it initially came to market. Perseverance has definitely paid off. (full review from Jeremy White for Wired)

Price: $399

Fabletics Subscription: Kate Hudson helped launched the innovative activewear brand in 2013 and the line continues to attract members of Generation Active. The online catalog offers shoppers some of the trendiest items in athleisure clothing, from sweatpants and sneakers to leggings and long johns. Subscribers receive access to great deals and free shipping.

Made with feel-good fabrics and high-fashion prints, the figure-flattering pieces are perfect for sweating it out in style. Plus, you’ll take a quick quiz on your first visit to the site, so you’ll receive customized recommendations that suit your body, workouts, and lifestyle. (full review from Locke Hughes for Shape)

Price: $49.95/month

Lululemon Gift Card: If the Fabletics subscription fee is simply too much to justifying paying, this present is an ideal alternative. Although women have been sporting the stretchy, uber-comfortable clothing for some time now, men only recently joined in on the trend, making Lululemon one of the hottest names in activewear today.

An indisputable fact is that you don’t need expensive clothes to go for a run or do pushups. … Lululemon, for better or worse, knows this. But it also knows that those who take training and working out seriously will settle for nothing less than the highest-quality of gear available, while also looking good. Lululemon promises to be both. (full review from Ryan Hatch for Thrillist)

Price: TBD (recommended $50 minimum)

Fitbit Charge 3: Like the Apple Watch Series 4, the latest fitness tracker from Fitbit continues to raise the bar for wearable technology. As market competition benefits the consumer, those looking to maintain an active lifestyle can expect their preferred style of state-of-the-art wristwear to offer more and more exciting features. It’s also more than half the price of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Taken as a whole, it’s the most effortless fitness tracker that Fitbit has ever made. It works with nearly any phone on the market, whether you pledge your mobile allegiance to Apple, Google, or even Microsoft. It’s light and unobtrusive enough to always keep on your wrist, and stylish enough that you won’t have to take it off. (full review from Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge)

Price: $149