As food education continues to spread and consumers understand the negative influence of highly processed foods and excessive amounts of sugar, industry leaders are responding with remarkable innovation.

Since many ingredients in packaged foods from yesteryear were unfamiliar to most people and sounded like they belonged in laboratories rather than grocery stores, companies are getting back to the basics, so to speak, while at the same time pushing the envelope when it comes to creativity and, of course, taste.

One of the world’s top food providers is leading the way in this innovative endeavor, as General Mills announced a new lineup of improved food options in a press release earlier this week on Business Wire, which notes:

Among the newly unveiled offerings is the EPIC Rise & Grind Bar, a 1.5 ounce morning-inspired bar made with organic egg yolks from Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, humanely raised pork, and chicken raised without antibiotics, providing the nutrients your body needs to prepare for the busy day ahead. They are available in two varieties – bacon & egg yolks, which offers 9 grams of protein; and chicken, egg yolks, & apple, which offers 13 grams of protein. EPIC’s gluten-free and paleo-friendly Rise & Grind bars are available nationwide. 

Other offerings include five delicious additions to EPIC’s current portfolio, including:

  • NEW EPIC Bison and Chicken Sriracha Snack Strips bring popular EPIC product flavors to this convenient snack form. The chicken sriracha strip represents our first EPIC launch made with 100% free-range chicken. The bison strip is our latest 100% grass-fed product launch. The new flavors will begin to appear on shelves this month. 
  • NEW EPIC Cinnamon Churro Baked Pork Rinds add another hint of sweetness to our pork skins portfolio following the success of our maple cracklings. The new flavor will be available on shelves in June 2019. 
  • NEW EPIC Jalapeño Pork Cracklings add a little heat to the current crackling lineup and will be available on shelves starting in June 2019. 
  • NEW EPIC Performance Coconut Lime Bar is made with cage-free egg whites and crafted with only five ingredients, featuring tropical flavors from coconut and lime oil. All performance bars are great for pre- and post-workout. The new variety will be available on shelves beginning in June 2019. 

In 2012, EPIC Provisions launched the world’s first 100% grass-fed meat, fruit, and nut bar. EPIC provides whole food offerings that prioritize animal welfare and human health. Every EPIC product is made from consciously sourced animal meat, complemented by adding fruit, nuts, seeds and creative spice blends. With over ten product lines and ten animal proteins available, EPIC products are always gluten-free and absent of grain, soy and dairy.

As part of the same press release, General Mills also announced a fully vegan protein bar by LÄRABAR, made with pea protein and only eight ingredients. The four flavors are Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Almond Butter Chocolate Brownie, Apple Cobbler and Lemon Blueberry Muffin.

Along with staying active, proper hydration and sufficient sleep, a smart diet has a massive influence on energy levels and an optimally functioning body. Whether it’s a full meal or a quick snack, more healthy choices help make eating right easier and more affordable.

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