Not many human experiences can top the indescribable euphoria that comes from the unique feeling of free falling. Whether it’s sky diving, rollercoaster riding or trampoline bouncing, people across the world chase this high in a variety of ways. Typically, the feeling is short lived and remarkably still worth the effort and wait often required to experience it.

While not quite the same as bungee jumping, a trending form of exercise is utilizing this method of abating gravity. The workout started in Thailand a few years ago and became an international sensation after a viral video depicted a scene from a group workout class in Arizona, according to a recent article from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Story author Grace Dickinson shared her testimony after giving the unorthodox workout a try, writing:

First thing on a recent Wednesday morning, I found myself crouched in a deep-seated squat at Havertown’s Pop Fit Studio. I pushed through my heels, as instructed, and jumped. I shot up like a rubber band, suddenly soaring through the air Peter Pan-style, arms outstretched behind me.

Suspended by a thick black bungee cord, I was joined by nine other women at Pop Fit’s newest group fitness class, the Bungee Workout. The exercise routine is the latest fitness trend to sweep the nation. … 

Before strapping into our bungee harnesses, we donned wetsuit-like shorts, handed out by fitness instructor and Pop Fit owner Christine DeFilippis. Their cushiony, form-fitting material prevents chafing from the harness straps, which tighten around at the legs and waist.  

Once the harness was fitted, DeFilippis hooked my bungee cord to a loop at the base of my back. Then she cranked up the music, and the high-energy workout began.

Choreographed into dance-like sequences, moves like lunges, sidekicks, and pushups felt different than they do in, you know, real life. Pushups became more of a core workout than an arm exercise; I had to crunch my abs to stop the bungee from pulling me back to a standing position. And bending into a lunge required a lot of muscle isolation.

Meanwhile, for the first — and probably only — time in my life, I was able to pull off one-arm pushups like a pro. And jump squats, while still a glute workout, sent me several feet into the air.

Fun and fitness don’t go together for everyone, nor do they necessarily have to be paired. Still, more and more people are discovering the rewarding feeling that comes during exercise, often bringing a smile or hearty laugh with it.

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