Digital technology has come a long way since the days of green screen computers and video games like Pong. Tech companies continue to innovate new products while refining others, expanding the utility of digital devices in the process.

For example, one trend sweeping the nation is in-home fitness, which utilizes this technology to create workouts people can do from their living room, complete with personal trainers and heartrate tracking. One of the leaders in this movement is Mirror, the tech startup that has dominated media headlines in 2019.

The company received even more attention this month, as Lululemon joined their impressive list of investors, according to a recent article from Retail Dive. Story author Lisa Rowan detailed the announcement and elaborated on its significance, writing:

Lululemon continues to get comfortable at the intersection of apparel, fitness, and lifestyle, and this investment could signal what’s coming next. Mirror, which launched just over a year ago, has raised a total of almost $72 million from investors, and told The Wall Street Journal that it expects the product to eventually be used in areas beyond fitness — with fashion and beauty on the list. 

If they do start tinkering with smart mirrors, Lululemon won’t be the only retailer doing so. H&M reported last year it was testing voice-activated mirrors on the sales floor of its New York flagship, which invited users to take selfies and access discounts via QR code. Puma’s new flagship allows users to view product colors and styles on in-store mirror displays and press a button to request an associate’s help. In fact, Lululemon is already experimenting with tech in stores, including digital touchscreens, which allow shoppers to browse through product but also display upcoming community events. 

Lululemon continues to expand its offerings far beyond its yoga-apparel origins. The company acknowledged plans to expand its personal care line in September after just launching the collection of dry shampoo, deodorant, moisturizer and lip balm in June. That line is available at Lululemon stores and online as well as on Sephora’s website. Last year, the fitness brand revealed it was testing a paid membership program that would go beyond free shipping and membership-specific attire as perks; it would also offer lifestyle features like access to fitness classes and events.  

Since athleisure is now a major part of mainstream fashion, Lululemon can expect their customers to continue wearing activewear outside the home. However, as Mirror continues to grow, the need for these individuals to look good in the gym no longer exists.

To read Rowan’s full writeup, click here.