Running alongside the international shift from brick and mortar store shopping to online ordering and next-day delivery fulfillment is a similar trend within the fitness industry. In years past, paying for a personal trainer seemed an extravagant expenditure to some, yet one that required a trip to the gym in most instances.

However, nowadays there is no need to leave the house to enjoy the benefits of a customized workout plan and expert advice. Thanks to technological advancement, those who desire to exercise can do so in the comfort and convenience of their own home. One company on the cutting edge of this development is Aaptive, according to an article this week from PSFK.

Story author Penn Whaling summarized the new virtual training service, Aaptiv Coach, and spoke to company CEO Ethan Argawal, writing:

Aaptiv is a comprehensive fitness platform centered around providing trainer-led classes and workouts to members on-demand. The app recently took a turn in launching a digital personal trainer service.

While providing members with a personalized fitness plan, Aaptiv Coach also provides mindfulness and wellness tips to help members achieve an overall healthy lifestyle, addressing consumer desires for more holistic approaches to wellbeing.

As part of a deep-dive into ways brands and services are catering to the needs of younger, digital-first audiences, PSFK spoke to Aaptiv’s founder & CEO, Ethan Agarwal, for insights into designing a digital coach not as a substitute for but rather an enhancement of personalized, expert-led fitness experiences for today’s consumers. 

PSFK: What led to the creation of Aaptiv Coach? 

Coach is something we at Aaptiv have been working on, quite literally, since we started. We so often saw questions come in that expanded far beyond just “which workout should I do?” The questions were “which workouts should I do and when”, and “what other habits outside of fitness should I be doing to get to my goals?” It was these questions that sparked the idea of creating Aaptiv Coach.

Other digital fitness tools don’t take a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Coach looks at the bigger picture to give the personal guidance many people need on their health journey. 

Top minds in the tech and business worlds are hard at work seeking to discover new ways to meet consumer demands. One of the most conspicuous (and encouraging) exhibitions of this reality is the fitness industry, where luxury and sweat meet… in people’s living rooms.

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