Fitness gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and there are many options for gifts with lasting fitness benefits.

Instead of a traditional gift, why not give him something to up his fitness game? Here are 10 possible gifts to give the active, health-conscious dad, or those who are lacking in this area.

Exercise Trackers
If your dad works out, a gift of a wearable technology gadget, such as a Garmin Forerunner, Fitbit One or Armour39, is a great option. These track your stats and help you reach your health goals. Some go as far as monitoring sleep patterns by highlighting periods of movement and restful slumber.

Gym Membership
If your dad is more of a DIYer, a gym membership may open his world to the wonderful utility of fitness clubs.

Cooking Tools
Consider giving your dad an apple slicer, salad spinner, chef’s knife or cutting board, says Michael Roizen, a U.S. News blogger and chair of the Wellness Institute at the Cleveland Clinic. Unless you go for a fancy knife (yes, some cost upwards of $1,000), most options won’t run you more than $20.

A Heart-rate Monitor
Worried about the heart? A heart-rate monitor helps assess exercise intensity – and will make sure dad’s not over – or under – doing it. Some models alert you when you’re nearing dehydration; most help target your workout for maximum fat burning while also displaying calories burned.

A Frisbee
The quick pivots, jumps and throws will boost your agility, and it’s a full-body workout that can burn upwards of 13 calories a minute. Plus, tossing that round piece of plastic around is just plain fun.

Introductory Yoga or Tennis Lessons
Try a package of introductory yoga or tennis sessions. Learning something new can inspire dad to get out more.

Guide to Area Hiking

Plan a hiking trip with your dad, and revel in the fact that it’s a cardio workout good for both mind and body. The view’s not too bad, either.

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