For decades now, the social dynamics of working in an office has fascinated viewing audiences around the world, both those familiar with the environment and those intrigued from afar. Movies, such as Office Space, and television shows, like The Office, are beloved by millions for the way they expose the often awkward and banal realities of life in a cubicle.

At the same time, there is always a thread of human companionship, sometimes even romance, running through the narratives of these fictional adaptations that draws its inspiration from real life. Bonding with coworkers can feel like a dilemma at times, but it remains an opportunity for cultivating lasting friendship. While these dynamics can be tricky within a professional setting, they also have the potential to enhance efficiency and productivity.

With so many people structuring exercise into their daily habits and routine, there is now an app that amalgamates employee bonding activities with group fitness workouts, called Peerfit. The app also targets those more interested in individual workouts. It was reviewed and explained in a recent article on Greatest, which notes:

Imagine a fitness subscription that lets you sign up for a range of fitness classes and gyms near your office without any blackout times or price hikes. That’s Peerfit in a nutshell, but it gets better: Peerfit works with employers and your insurance to foot the bill, and it comes with social networking tools so you can coordinate workouts with friends at the office.  

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a personal or corporate account. If your insurance/company won’t chip in, you can get a subscription for $8.95 a month, then pay a discounted member rate for each class you book.
  • Find your gym or a workout class. You can filter your search by type (boxing, dance, HIIT, yoga) and reserve your spot with one click.
  • Grab a friend. Once your class is booked, you can sync it to your calendar and invite coworkers with an email invite or social media event or by sharing a special link.
  • Sweat and save your butt from another full day in a chair. 

I can attest that the system works. Our associate fitness editor (and wonderful pal) Jamey Powell lured my hermit self into the world with a boxing invite. After an hour of winded jokes, punches, and kicks, I felt totally revived and ready to annihilate my to-dos. A few days later, I kept the momentum going with a lunchtime session at my favorite NYC studio, 305 Fitness. It’s weird how making time for exercise becomes second nature when you’ve got a mile-long list of classes to try and good friends to sweat with.

While some people prefer to compartmentalize their life, separating paid work from working out, it may be wise for those feeling strapped for time after 5 PM and too tired to exercise before 9 AM to consider giving the app a shot.

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