When people hear the term technology, they often imagine something digital or electronic, yet the term applies to so much more than the hardware and software that have come to help define the 21st century. Of course, the internet has revolutionized the way people around the world access and distribute information. In a figurative sense, this has “shrunk the world,” so to speak, and made global connectivity stronger than arguably ever before.

Modern travel has also done this, functioning as another form of technology that makes getting from continent to continent relatively affordable for the masses. The amalgamation of these two human endeavors forms the foundation for the website Reservations.com, which continues to push the envelope on travel technology.

As traveling and fitness continue to grow in popularity, the industry is shifting to accommodate those with transient lifestyles. One app on the forefront of this movement is FlexIt, which recently announced a new partnership with the aforementioned website, according to a press release published by Yahoo Finance, which notes:

FlexIt — the unique mobile app that lets users access hundreds of fitness clubs while paying only for the time spent working out — announces a partnership with Reservations.com, the company on a mission to bring the human touch back to online travel. Through this partnership, travelers who book hotels on Reservations.com in one of FlexIt’s primary markets will receive a special promotion code to access FlexIt partner clubs for 30% less than the standard rate. 

FlexIt gives consumers the flexibility to choose when and where they work out, providing a personalized experience where users only pay for their time used and there is no upfront cost or subscription fee. FlexIt is currently live in New York City, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Arizona and Florida, with more than a dozen additional markets coming soon. FlexIt’s lineup of fitness locations currently include large national players, such as Gold’s Gym, Retro Fitness and Youfit Health Clubs, as well as large regional players, such as Mountainside Fitness and Charter Fitness, among many others.

“Our mission is to make fitness more accessible for everyone,” said Austin Cohen, founder and CEO of FlexIt. “We’ve seen many FlexIt users leveraging the app’s features to find new health and fitness experiences wherever they travel. We’re proud to launch this partnership with Reservations.com, which makes it even easier for fitness enthusiasts to enjoy a great workout whenever and wherever they want.”

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