As the fitness world continues to evolve, innovative businesses seek to carve a path into the burgeoning, lucrative industry. From tech and apparel to social clubs and apps, seemingly no idea is too crazy to consider.

With money flooding into the field, many exercise enthusiasts seek employment like gold rush prospectors of the western frontier era. Following the money is only half the journey though, as success can feel harder to find than buried treasure. Entrepreneur Alexandra Bonetti adopted the same paradigm that led inventors to create a metal detector, that is: What will help these people find what they want?

Bonetti’s much-anticipated pioneering employment platform known as TalentHack recently launched nationwide, according to an article this week from LA Confidential.

Story author Christina Najjar detailed the news, writing:

Talent Hack, the first ever employment platform specific to fitness professionals, recently launched nationally with a mission to help talent source job openings, land their dream job, connect with brands, network and ultimately grow in the industry. The fitness industry, last valued at $30 billion, is just scratching the surface of its potential and with that rapid growth comes massive industry gaps that Talent Hack is here to fill.

After 6 months of beta testing, Talent Hack, the brainchild of Alexandra Bonetti, has officially launched across the United States offering thousands of job opportunities for those looking to transition and/or grow in the fitness space. The idea to create this platform originated while Alexandra was running, growing and operating her Tribeca fitness studio, Bari. She discovered an industry wide pain point: the fitness industry lacked a centralized platform and community where fitness professionals, companies and brands could come together to connect. Driven by her industry insider experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Alexandra was inspired to create Talent Hack. The network consists of over 500 companies like Equinox, Barry’s Bootcamp, Peloton, ClassPass, Pure Barre and MindBody; brands such as Asics, WOLACO, and Athleta looking to connect with trainers as well as thousands of fitness professionals and is rapidly growing. Even before launch, Talent Hack has connected hundreds of trainers to their dream jobs and gigs.

As the space continues to evolve, Talent Hack’s promise is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to industry trends, innovations and education.

All in all, the market responds to consumer interests and demands, so it ought to be an encouraging sign that more Americans show interest in improving their personal wellness. Whether or not these developments will translate to overall health improvement remains to be seen.

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