Nothing brings the family together like some good old-fashioned competition. Teams make for great fun and physically active games accomplish more than just amusement – they help inculcate the paradigm and habits of an active lifestyle. This can have an exponential effect on children, since they are so impressionable in adolescence.

When it comes to teaming up, mom and dad often prove to be an entertaining pair when they work together. Nicole Ari Parker, star of the FOX’s hit TV show Empire, and her husband, actor Boris Kodjoe, hope their tandem entrepreneurial efforts will prove successful this year, as the couple created a fitness app, according to an interview with Parker that was published in article this week from Madame Noire. Story author Tanay Hudson details the new app, including quotes from Parker, writing:

Exercising is something that many people want to do but claim they do not have time for. Whether you are a busy parent or someone that works long hours, exercising is difficult to fit into your schedule. Nicole Ari Parker and her husband Boris Kodjoe are here to show you that it is not impossible with their new fitness app, KOFIT.

KOFIT is equipped with workouts for every age and every kind of schedule. The app consists of workouts that last five minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes that you can do from your home or anywhere you’d like. Each video shows Kodjoe, Parker and even their children working out in their house, backyard or the nearby park. … 

Parker, 48, also feels that it is essential to motivate children to workout in order to help combat health issues related to a lack of activity and poor eating habits. 

“If you know anything about the public school system in this country you know that [physical education] is getting the short end of the stick in terms of budgets. Then we are dealing with high rates of obesity in our children at a young age, diabetes at a younger age…One of our long term goals is to get more children active in a way that they feel comfortable. 

KOFIT is available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store and only costs $10 a month.

Parker’s emphasis on using exercise as another way to invest in family bonding time is a smart one, and should help improve the workout, along with the individual accountability. After all, most parents are less likely to skip a workout if their children are encouraging them to do it.

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