Discover new workout tech at CES 2018

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debuted some of the newest technology for health and fitness clubs. CES allowed consumers and wholesale buyers alike to discover the latest developments in digital fitness that aim to make workouts and outdoor activities more fun and more informing.

Some of the featured exhibitors included Aftershokz, Halo Neuroscience, Icaros, Kopin Solos, Kuaiwear, LifeFuels, Peloton, Sensoria, Suunto, and Xenoma.

Men’s Health magazine attended the event and concluded that wearable technologies were the most dominant products at the event.

According to Men’s Health’s Dean Stattmann, “almost every fitness tracker will tell you things like steps taken and calories burned, and integrated heart-rate monitors are quickly becoming the norm.”

The technology was not just limited to wristbands, as some exhibitors showed off pajamas and even headphones that can optimize your body and your brain.

The Halo Sport from Halo Neuroscience, a futuristic set of headphones, helps active lifestyle consumers by improving their coordination and other skills. Fitness enthusiasts are to wear these headphones for 20 minutes before exercising, say the makers of the Halo Sport headphones, and your brain will be primed to more quickly adapt. According to Men’s Fitness, “the soft spikes on the inside of the headband, called neuroprimers, feed electricity into the motor cortex—the part of your brain responsible for muscle memory—to induce a temporary state of neuroplasticity and speed the formation of those pathways.”

Under Armour has come up with sleepwear that will help fitness enthusiasts to recover from their workout while they sleep. According to Men’s Health, Athlete Recovery Sleepwear, the brand’s new line of clothing designed specifically for sleeping, is all about improving sleep quality and helping athletes get the rest they need to maximize post-workout recovery and wake up feeling energized. “The new collection of sleepwear is lined with a bio-ceramic fabric that reflects heat back to the wearer’s body in the form of Far Infrared to mimic effects of Far Infrared therapy—typically used to improve blood flow and aid muscle recovery.”

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Women’s Health magazine also sent representatives to CES to learn about the future in tech, and these products especially caught their eye.

Ellie has a new product that kills germs, perfect for gym-goers. According to the editors of Women’s Health, “Ellie is is a digital sterilizing pod that uses UV technology to kill all the really scary germs like E.Coli, Staph, and Salmonella.”

The Audio Running Coach is a device that gives runners a real-time active running coach who can motivate and educate runners in real time.

Under Armour has also developed sleepwear for women, so everyone will be able to benefit from a good night’s sleep after an intense workout.

Wireless headphones were also popular at the event, which are perfect for workout warriors as they fit great and never budge, even during exercise.

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