Cruises are embracing active lifestyle scene

There’s no doubt that active lifestyles are a growing focus of cruise lines.

Ocean cruise brands are frequently adding health-conscious options on board, as well as increasingly kinetic adventures ashore.

Now, Blue World Voyages seeks to craft an entire cruise line dedicated exclusively to the active lifestyle market, specifically catering to this new generation active.

In short, it’s all about abandoning cruise line clichés of passé shuffleboard and indulgent buffets, embracing fitness and a healthy life while traveling instead.

“Our activities are designed to enable people already energized and healthy to have the time of their lives. But also to welcome people who want to be energized, healthy and have the time of their lives,” Diane Trieste, vice president of wellness at Blue World Voyages, said.

“This is not your ordinary cruise ship. When Blue World came to us to get our help in designing their sports shore excursions, from hiking and cycling to kite-surfing and mountain biking, we knew it had the potential to be the perfect experience for our readers,” Scott Parmelee, vice president of Outside Magazine, said.

While Blue World Voyages offers an array of opportunities once the ship has ported, the cruise itself is decked with amenities and equipment to fit your active-lifestyle needs.

On board will be a training facility; sports medicine clinic; yoga, spinning and TRX studios; golf simulators; batting cages; an indoor basketball court; food-pairing wine lounge and healthy locally-sourced cuisine.

“42 million people in the U.S. alone are considered ‘conscious consumers.’ They take care of themselves, eat well, stay active, and are in search of new experiences. Now they have their very own cruise line,” Gene Meehan, the chairman of Blue World Voyages, said.

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