Busyness is one of the most common explanations most people spout off when pressed on the reason their personal health and wellness falls through the cracks. Of course, in the day and age in which we live, this is an understandable excuse. Still, everyone makes time for what is most important to them and the pernicious effects of neglecting exercise and proper nutritional consumption show no sympathy for those with higher priorities.

The good news is that since this dilemma is so relatable, many of society’s highest achieving individuals wrestle with it. Thus, they are often willing and able to share insight as to the best strategies for overcoming obstacles on the way to achieving these latent goals.

Among the latest and greatest to do so is ClassPass Founder Payal Kadakia, who spoke with Forbes’ Jess Cording in a recent Q&A.

Kadakia provided the following suggestions for sidestepping typical roadblocks en route to establishing routine, including the following nuggets of wisdom:

Ideally, fitness should be enjoyable, not some dreaded task we force ourselves to do. Staying fit is a way to make time for ourselves in our busy lives and even clear our heads and shed stress. If you haven’t found a fitness activity you enjoy, get more creative, and experiment with new types of classes and activities. …

It’s important to take breaks in the day and to find a time to move and switch up your environment.  Movement spurs creativity and helps solve challenging problems. Having nutritious snacks like almonds and carrots on your desk can help prevent unhealthy binge eating and keep energy levels steady while working. …

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to stop and listen to our inner voice. Making the time and space to listen to our needs also clarifies our personal intentions and purpose. Once we know our goals and needs, putting a plan in place to actualize them becomes much easier.

Kadakia’s points are keen, as well as practically helpful, intimating the old proverb “work smarter, not harder.” While many bang their heads against the wall, hoping to breakthrough with the same formula, her counsel to enjoy, stop, and reflect helps people find new ways to achieve their fitness goals on the way to maintaining an active lifestyle.

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