Those who wish to emphasize the importance of a healthy diet over consistent exercise, or vice versa, ought to keep in mind that the efforts work best in tandem rather than isolation. In fact, they share a complementary relationship and both do wonders for proper brain and body functioning.

Moreover, a domino effect often occurs when an individual starts to eat healthy or work out more often. The subsequent energy boost fosters a desire to repeat either activity. With more energy, workouts are less daunting and more enjoyable. Ample vitamins, proteins and fats will strengthen muscles, while the physical activity helps boost the metabolism.

None of this is lost on the iconic banana distributor Chiquita. The company decided to include cartoon sketches of a banana practicing various forms of exercise on a large portion of their products this month according to an article this week by the Philly Voice. By marketing this association between high-quality food and fitness, Chiquita encourages consumers to pursue both instead of just one.

Story author Bailey King detailed the announcement, writing:

For the month of July, more than 200 million of Chiquita bananas will carry stickers encouraging consumers to complete a simple and quick fitness challenge each time they peel a banana. 

Chiquita’s signature blue stickers will feature various “fitness graphics” encouraging folks to complete challenges such as 15 push-ups, a 1-minute wall sit, 20 deep lunges and others, the company announced.

“At Chiquita, we wanted to launch a new sticker series that would remind our fans that fitness can be fun and easy with the right tools in hand,” said Jamie Postell, director of North America sales for Chiquita. “We’re proud to deliver a superfruit packed with vitamins and nutrients that can help our fans achieve their fitness goals in a fun and engaging way.”

As King goes on to point out, there are numerous nutritional benefits to eating bananas, which help them maintain a strong reputation as great pre-workout snacks. For the next few weeks at least, they will be inspiring workouts in addition to fueling them.

To read King’s full writeup, click here.