Fitness Company Tivity Health Buys Nutrisystem for $1.3 Billion

The nutrition company famous for its endorsement deals with former football players just kicked a game-changing field goal. Whether it went through the uprights or not may be up for debate, but it carried a hefty price tag to be sure. In a matchup worthy of prime-time television, Tivity Health purchased Nutrisystem for […]

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Pedal to the Mental: Peloton Opens Yoga and Meditation Studio

With successful businesses and workouts alike, there is always room for taking things to the next level. One goliath in the battle for the world’s best stationary bike is looking to conquer even more territory by venturing into another field. As the company continues its ascent toward the top […]

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Tim McGraw to Open Snap Fitness Club in Nashville

The country music star known for inspiring his listeners to “Live Like You Were Dying” is now doing his part to help them live healthier and longer. Renowned artist Tim McGraw recently partnered with Snap Fitness to create the signature brand TRUMAV Fitness. From the sound of things, it seems the boutique gym’s first [...]

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The Fountain of Youth: Exercise Can Make a 30-year Difference in Health

When people offer the colloquialism “It will make you feel young again,” they are often describing the short-term spike in energy following a particular activity. Whether it’s the euphoria of riding a rollercoaster or the caffeine boost from a double-shot of espresso, the feeling usually dissipates, making the saying […]

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Eating Nuts Everyday May Help Reduce Weight Gain

Among the iconic holiday visuals this time of year is the stoic face of a bearded man in red. Not to be confused with jolly Saint Nick, the Nutcracker toy solider stands erect on many fireplace mantles and kitchen countertops each December, waiting to serve his act of duty by crunching shells with his seemingly [...]

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Exercise Science is Fastest Growing College Major New Study Says

Many historians recognize Eugen Sandow (1867–1925) as the first professional body builder. Although he was not the first to person to ever lift weights, he is undoubtedly a pioneer in fitness culture and influenced the modern movement in no small measure. Speaking of historians, new reports suggest they could be […]

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John Krasinski Worked Out With The Rock at His “Iron Paradise” Gym

It appears two of the hottest actors in Hollywood today, in more ways than one, have now become workout buddies. John Krasinski, the star of the new television series Jack Ryan, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is starring in seemingly too many movies to count these days, recently hit the weights together at the [...]

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How Much Does Lifting Weights Help Your Heart?

While “meatheads” and “swoldiers” will always be among us, long gone are the days when a love for the iron carried a unanimous stigma. With the recent explosion of CrossFit across the country, roping in Average Jane’s and Joe’s of all shapes and sizes, weightlifters are no longer frowned upon by the general public. This [...]

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Running Barefoot: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

When considering the best ways to pursue an active lifestyle, it’s often helpful to consider both tradition and innovation. With some dilemmas, it may not be wise to try reinventing the wheel. On the other hand, it would be foolish to dismiss the groundbreaking discoveries in health and wellness simply because an idea is new. [...]

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