For all the attention given to fitness trackers and activewear, high intensity interval training and keto diets, the greener elements of exercise may be the next new craze set to make headlines across the country. While some in the Golden State have to keep a close eye on air conditioning bills during the summer, they might also enjoy access to more innovative ways of ameliorating those payments in the future.

One gym in Fortuna now boasts equipment that helps produce electricity while members are working out through special sustainable equipment that utilizes kinetic energy, according to an article last month from Redwood News. Surely it should come as no surprise to discover that Californians appear to be heading up this budding trend.

The story includes quotes from the owners, who help explain the novelty and value in this exciting new offering, noting: 

“All this equipment, it converts all your kinetic energy while you’re exercising either on the treadmill or elliptical or bike,” said Matt Porter, a co-owner of Bodyworks Fitness. “We will be getting soon and it converts it into AC current which then goes straight into powering the building.”

Bodyworks Fitness Gym is going green. The gym just recently purchased new sustainable workout equipment. The total cost of all the equipment was over 80-thousand dollars. But they believe, this new gear is the future of fitness.

“I think going green and reducing the carbon footprint for gyms across the nation is the way of the future,” said Caleb King, co-owner of Bodyworks.

For them, this is a big success.

“For us to be in Humboldt County and be one of the bigger facilities to actually have this equipment, I feel like is huge,” adds King.

Gym members have not only have they seen improve in their workout routine. But it also pushes gym goers without straining their bodies.

“On these, I’m actually working harder, so I’m able to build muscle as I’m running as well,” says Shelby Lipscomb, a trainer at the gym.

One day, Bodyworks Fitness Gym hopes to have a self-sufficient running facility, where they’re able to use self-generated power. While also reducing their carbon foot print.

Bodyworks Fitness plans to install sustainable bikes in the future.

Most people are well aware of the fact that regular exercise helps provide more energy for the individual performing the exercise. Soon, they will realize how those same workouts can produce energy to power electricity.

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