The mission of every parent is to try their hardest to raise their children as well as possible, which is no easy task or trivial calling. In addition to protection, provision, and parental advice, caretakers must teach adolescents the best way to live. As Generation Active knows well, part of living healthy and happy is staying active.

Those seeking to instill an active lifestyle in today’s youth might be fittingly labeled Generation Pro-Active. This preemptive mindset also lends itself to prudent holiday shopping. Thinking ahead will help bargain hunting adults find the best deals and pick out the perfect presents for their little ones.

Last week concluded the three-part Holiday Gift Guide from Generation Active for The Latest’s readers, with results from a poll of our Generation Active audience. After they voted on their most desired gifts, we broke down the results into three categories: 1) Tech, 2) Athletic Apparel and Wearable Technology, and 3) DIY.

To discover the items members of Generation Active hope to unwrap this year, click on any of the following links:

As a bonus, we decided to lend some additional assistance for those shopping for children, with an active lifestyle theme. For non-parent readers, consider utilizing these gift options for an adolescent niece, nephew, cousin, or sibling.

Sports Themed

Bicycle: Timeless yet constantly-enhancing, bikes represent freedom, exploration and adventure for people of all ages. Uphill, downhill, around the neighborhood or along woodland trails, kids still have a blast riding high and burning calories.

Basketball Goal: This is a great way to buddy up with the neighbors. Whether it’s a game of 2 on 2 with friends or family, shooting hoops makes for a killer workout and can help improve hand eye coordination. The competition makes for good clean fun… most of the time.

Spike Ball: One of the trendier items on the list, this relatively-new sport takes the concept behind the game of four square to a more challenging level. It may take some time to get the hang of it, but the added difficulty makes for a better workout.

Simple and Classic

Yoga Mat: An easy, but essentially starting point for every budding yogi, mats won’t break the bank and should help jumpstart the hesitant or eager child’s interest in growing flexibility and core strength.

Jump Rope: Blacktop playground games are ripe with fun ways to burn calories, including dodgeball and hopscotch, but not many workouts will top jumping rope in terms of exercise.

Skateboard: While it will always stir the ire of some curmudgeons, skateboarding no longer carries the stigma it once did. No, it’s not a crime, but it is a great amalgamation of fitness, fun, and motor skills.

Join in on the Fun

Family Gym membership: A desire to instill consistent exercise in children can help keep parents accountable for their own health. Plus, extra relational bonding time during and after the workout helps bring the family together.

Coach their sports team: For the novice sports parent, involvement might be limited to volunteer supervision and vocal support, but as they say, half of life is showing up.

Trampoline: Insurance plans have a way of stipulating the size and specifications of tramps these days, but if it will accommodate few presents will bring more fun to children and adults alike than this moonwalk-mimicking marvel.