Being All He Can Be By Being Less Of Who He Was

It’s incredible what motivation, hard work, and unwavering perseverance can do for people who want to achieve a goal. Someone who is a living example of that is William Guinn of Abilene, Texas. In February of 2016, Guinn weighed 456 pounds. If he had set a simple goal of just walking a little bit everyday or making a conscious effort to eat better, he could be commended, but Guinn had loftier aspirations. Driven by the fact that his grandparents had served in the military, Guinn set out on a mission to follow in their footsteps. It sounded far-fetched, but Guinn went to work. For six days a week over the next 14 months, he made the trek to his local Planet Fitness health club to work with personal trainers. As he improved his diet and attitude about food and nutrition, the pounds started to melt away.  As his workouts and new lifestyle continued, so did the weight loss, and by April of 2017, Guinn was a new man. Literally. He had lost 226 pounds, and now tipped the scales at a fit and healthy 230. Not only had he lost almost half of his entire body weight, but more importantly, he was eligible to join the military.

With his newfound confidence and physique, he was accepted into the US Army, and after completing basic training, he was sworn in on July 13th in Dallas. As Guinn said on his Facebook page, “It can be done.”

Remember this story the next time you set your health and fitness goals. Anything is possible when you set your mind to something.


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