As Apple Watches and Fitbits continue to capture mainstream attention for fitness tracking wristwear, their growing popularity encourages competitors to get it on the action and capture some of the growing market demand.

In order to attract the interest of customers, competing companies must offer a more alluring product, either via lower cost or better quality. Accomplishing the latter requires high-quality features of interest to the consumer.

It seems Aura Band hit a bullseye through such a strategy, according to an article last week from Interesting Engineering.

The Aura Band Smart Fitness Tracker is one of the most highly-rated and effective wearable fitness helpers around, and it’s currently available for over 15% off at just $149.99.

Whether your primary goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply clear your head to become more productive throughout the day, this simple fitness tracker will keep you on track and motivated.

As the first smart fitness band to use bioimpedance, this groundbreaking technology keeps detailed accounts of how your body changes throughout the day by analyzing your fat, muscle mass, mineral composition, and body water.

These four variables provide a clear image of how close you are to hitting your fitness goals on both a long- and short-term basis, and you’ll be able to tailor your diet and workout goals accordingly.

Successful funded on Indiegogo and featured in leading publications such as Digital Trends and Product Hunt, the AURA Band also takes your pulse every fifteen minutes when you’re at rest and continually when you’re working out—meaning you’ll be able to see how much your various exercise routines affect your body and health.

This innovative band even tracks your steps and identifies if you’re walking, jogging, or cycling in order to count your calories more effectively, and you’ll be able to collect and analyze a wide variety of health data pertaining to stress and sleep cycles.

And when you hit your fitness goals, you’ll be able to earn coins that you can redeem for perks like attire, free workouts, health consultations, and more.

Early advertisements for the Apple Watch alluded to iconic imagery of famous futuristic watches considered science fiction during their respective eras. While some of their features seemed like fantasy at the time, each passing year they appear more and more conceivable. In fact, they may be just around the corner.

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