One of the more endearing aspects of watching television shows that feature young actors and actresses in lead roles is that viewers can following the maturation of the actual person as their character grows up on the fictional show. Whether it was the Olsen twins on Full House or Will Smith on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, the 1990’s gave America unforgettable sitcoms with future stars who were young when the show debuted. The 2000’s have had their fair share of memorable contributions to this category as well and one of the top television shows this decade is Modern Family.

Many who love ABC’s hit show, which has made the Dunphy children household names across the country, are fans of the actress Ariel Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the show. Winter was just 11 years old when the show began and is now 21, amassing a significant following on social media over the last ten years. The rising star recently shared her fitness routine with her Instagram followers, giving a hat tip to her celebrity personal trainer, according to a recent article on Women’s Health. Story author Kristine Thomason detailed the workout, including quotes and regimen from Winter’s trainer MackFit, writing:

If you follow Ariel Winter on Instagram, you’ve probably double tapped plenty of the actress’ adorable pics with dogs and cute throwback photos alongside her Modern Family castmates. 

Recently though, the star’s given people a whole new reason to peep her feed on the reg: badass videos of her at the gym serving up ALL the workout inspo. 

Exhibit A: Ariel totally rocking some deficit sumo squats and deadlifts.

I am never the most excitedddd person to go to the gym, but feeling healthier and seeing the work you put in pay off really makes it worth it ❤️,” she wrote in her caption. “Also… @mackfittraininggym is a BOSS and keeps reminding me of my 🍑 goals 💪🏼” 

In case you were wondering, MackFit is a celebrity fitness trainer who works with Ariel regularly. He focuses on circuit training that combines strength and cardio exercises, and he’s shared Ariel’s full-body workout here so you can get your sweat on like the star. (You’re welcome.) 

“This workout could be done anywhere; it requires your own bodyweight and minimal equipment,” he says. “Ariel completes this circuit in the gym with a pair of MackFit Core Sliders that she also utilizes at home or while traveling.” If you don’t own sliders, you can use a towel or paper plates to get the job done.

It is encouraging to see Winter inspiring her fans to maintain an active lifestyle by sharing her own exercise habits.

To read Thomason’s full writeup, which outlines the workout, click here.