Few who watched it will ever forget the triumphant moment, now more than a decade ago, when Michael Phelps cheered on Jason Lezak as he completed the final leg of the men’s 4 x 100-meter relay at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The race put Phelps in a class of his own and epitomized the teamwork and euphoria that makes the iconic games so special.

It is that same spirit of competition that drives free market ingenuity and the brilliant minds at innovative companies like Apple. As the tech giant’s Apple Watch continues to inspire fitness within the hearts and minds of consumers, the company is offering an activity challenge to help celebrate China’s National Fitness Day, which began after the 2008 Olympics, according to an article from 9to5Mac.

Story author Chance Dormehl detailed the news, writing:

Apple has set its next Apple Watch Activity for August 8th. This time around, the challenge will be exclusive to China, with Apple celebrating the country’s “National Fitness Day.” 

As spotted by Kyle Seth Gray on Twitter and shared with 9to5Mac, Apple will reward users with exclusive badges in the Activity app, as well as animated stickers for use in Messages and FaceTime. The achievement can be reached by recording any workout of 30 minutes or longer. 

“Make August 8 an active day. Earn this award by recording any workout of 30 minutes or more on National Fitness Day” 

China has celebrated National Fitness Day every year since the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This marks the second year in a row in which Apple has gotten involved with an Apple Watch Activity Challenge. This is a rare instance where Activity Challenges are geo-locked.

While most people will never train like an Olympic athlete, they can still embody more ordinary disciplines important for everyone, like the daily habits essential to maintaining an active lifestyle.

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