One of the common characteristics of active lifestyle enthusiasts is a love for the great outdoors. It is certainly not essential, as many with busy schedules find themselves bouncing between their house, gym, office and local grocery store each week. Everyone has to do what they think is best for their individual lives and family, but most people could probably benefit from a little more fresh air and sunlight.

Despite its mass production of digital devices and wearable technology, Apple strives to help consumers to stay healthy, fit, and even out enjoying nature. Earth Day is April 22nd and the company is promoting an “Activity Challenge,” according to an article from Mac Rumors.

Story author Julie Clover explained the details behind the event, writing:

Apple’s next Activity Challenge for Apple Watch owners will take place on Earth Day, which falls on Monday, April 22. Apple Watch users will be able to earn the Earth Day 2019 badge by doing any workout for 30 minutes or more.

Details on the upcoming challenge were shared this afternoon on Twitter by Kyle Seth Gray, who also shared images of the achievement badge and accompanying iMessage sticker those who complete the challenge will receive.

Apple hosts Activity Challenges for major holidays and well-known events, and for the past several years, there’s been an Earth Day Challenge. Goals in both 2017 and 2018 were the same as the 2019 goal — complete a 30-minute workout.

Apple often celebrates Earth Day in a variety of ways, and Apple retail employees are likely to don green shirts in honor of the environment-focused event. Apple retail stores are also likely to be updated with green leaf accents on their logos, something that Apple does on Earth Day each year.

In addition to these listed initiatives, the green light for fitness Apple gives to millions each day will help keep the green coming, in terms of revenue. Stories like these help explain why some people are devoted to Apple, yet others prefer products from other companies for accomplishing fitness goals. As they say, that’s what makes the world go ‘round.

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