Apple is hiring engineers who can work on a microchip intended for health applications. CNBC has found job listings posted by Apple that suggests the leading tech company is trying to build a processor that monitors health.

According to CNBC:

A July 10 job posting from Apple’s Health Sensing hardware team says, “We are looking for sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for new sensors and sensing systems for future Apple products. We have openings for analog as well as digital ASIC architects.”

An Aug. 1 posting said simply that the team wants to bring on an engineer who can “help develop health, wellness, and fitness sensors.”

And a June job listing shows the team was looking to keep working with optical sensors. Currently available Apple Watches have optical sensors that can measure heart rate.

CNBC reported that it’s not yet evident what the chips would measure. It sounds as if it will track health information from the body.

This latest attempt by Apple to build out a health/fitness-drivent team is further evidence that Silicon Valley hopes to break into the active lifestyle space. Apple products, including the iPhone and the Apple Watch, already have health-monitoring features. CNBC reported that the company’s areas of interest include” exercise, cardiac health, and sleep quality through its acquisition of the health monitor Beddit.” It’s also working on the “so-called biomedical holy grail: continuous and non-invasive blood-sugar monitoring.”

One health and tech expert told CNBC that Apple’s innovation in this space could be huge for people suffering with diseases, such as diabetes.

“I could see one day in the future an optical sensing technology could be used to non-invasively measure glucose, and what a benefit in comparison to pin-sticking technologies that we have today that require a physical amount of blood to be measured,” said Anil Sethi, a former director in Apple’s health records group who now runs a health data start-up called Ciitizen.