Americans don’t believe the president is fit, per survey

President Donald Trump had his first annual physical last week and, according to the doctor who conducted the exam, the leader of the free world is in good health. Dr. Ronny Jackson, the White House physician, described Trump’s health as “excellent,” which stunned many Americans because the president doesn’t necessarily have health-conscious habits. Reports during the campaign and the early parts of his presidency indicated that Trump enjoyed fast food and soda, with little exercise to counteract the poor diet.

Indeed, according to a survey conducted last spring, nearly half (48 percent) of Americans who work out twice a week expressed concern that the president did not emphasize a healthy, active lifestyle.

The survey, commissioned by Zoom Media, the exclusive advertising and health content provider for the nation’s biggest health clubs, polled over 2,500 Americans who work out more than twice a week. These responses revealed that fitness-conscious consumers expect the President of the United States to be a role model for healthy living. More than 80 percent of the respondents believe that it is important for the president to support exercise and health, the study found. Zoom Media says that over 100 million Americans exercise at least two days a week.

The 45th president appears to be falling short of these expectations. During the campaign, Trump had relatively lax health habits for a 70-year-old, to say the least. Axios reported that the Republican then-nominee “guzzled” Diet Coke, and fast food was a staple of his diet. The “three staples,” according to one of Trump’s aides, were Domino’s, KFC and McDonald’s. He reportedly ate Big Macs served on silver trays in his private jet, and ate KFC chicken with a silver spoon and fork.

Trump has never really appreciated the active lifestyle that so many Americans are now embracing. The former real-estate mogul claims to have been a stellar athlete when he was an adolescent, but fitness and exercise has never seemed to be part of his daily routine. The president is known to be a good-to-great golfer, so it is not like he is sedentary.

But compared to past presidents, Trump seems to be lagging in the exercise area. Former President George Bush and former President Barack Obama were both known for being active and healthy during their tenure in the White House. Bush regularly ran while Obama did weight-training exercises and played basketball on his free time.

The White House doctor said that he advised Trump to pick up a new exercise routine to better his health. So, it appears that Trump will be joining millions of Americans who intend on improving their health and fitness in 2018.

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