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Generation Active is your home for ideas and inspiration to help power your fitness lifestyle. We add original ad-free content every week about fitness, food, fashion, and wellness, so please visit often.

Welcome to Generation Active 

We strive to be your home for ideas and inspiration to help power your fitness lifestyle. We add original content every week about fitness, food, and wellness, so visit often.

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New Fitness App for Sports Fans Aims to Lower Healthcare Costs

Inspiration, motivation, and discipline: these are all traits necessary for maintaining an active lifestyle. They are also qualities exemplified by professional athletes. Indeed, role models are beneficial for success in nearly any endeavor. Public exposure for professional athletes used to be limited to television and newspapers. Nowadays, with the advent of social media and the internet, connecting with these workout warriors is easier than ever before. While individual athletes have made workout apps in the past, they were relatively limited in exposure and scope. Now, a new firm called Fan Health Network (FHN) is combining […]

Nintendo Switch Boasts Music-Infused Boxing Workouts

It’s fair to say that video games are not exactly foundational pillars for living an active lifestyle, but neither should they be labeled an arch nemesis—at least not these days. More than a decade ago, Nintendo introduced the Wii gaming system, which utilized motion-sensing technology and cutting-edge hand-held controllers for a movement-oriented virtual experience. While the golf swings on Wii Sports didn’t burn many calories, a competitive match of tennis often led gamers to work up quite the sweat in front of the television. Once a world-wide phenomenon, the consul went the way of most technological innovations. Yet Nintendo is [...]

5 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Before the arrival of apple pies and sweet potato casserole on Thanksgiving, or peppermint bark and spiked eggnog on Christmas Eve, the first true test of resolve each holiday season presents itself at the conclusion of October. Yes, it that time of year when candy appears as ubiquitous as fake cobwebs and phony skeletons. Halloween is almost here. While Halloween brings […]

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