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Generation Active is your home for ideas and inspiration to help power your fitness lifestyle. We add original ad-free content every week about fitness, food, fashion, and wellness, so please visit often.

Welcome to Generation Active 

We strive to be your home for ideas and inspiration to help power your fitness lifestyle. We add original content every week about fitness, food, and wellness, so visit often.

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NASA Launches New Wellness Program for Employees

Most people alive today cannot recall a time when space exploration wasn’t making annual headlines in the news. Those that can have likely maintained a lifestyle active enough to keep their bodies healthy into old age. The government organization responsible for fueling interstellar pursuit over the past six decades in America is aiming to provide the best programs for its employees to establish good exercise routines. Yesterday, NASA […]

New Pulse HR Raises the Bar for Fitness Tracking

Only a few years ago, fitness tracking devices felt like fancy pedometers. For that matter, it wasn’t that long ago when fitness tracking devices were limited to pedometers. Step counting was and remains helpful in measuring activity, however, as new technology reveals, there is so much more information that ought to be considered when calculating periodic exercise results. With so much competition in the marketplace, suppliers […]

U.S. Government Endorses HIIT

By now, the term high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has likely made its way into the minds and ears of virtually every American with even a casual interest in health, wellness, or exercise. Yesterday, Uncle Sam did his part to help enlighten any remaining unaware citizens, as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. Among numerous other findings, HHS […]

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