Lululemon Athletica reinvents the sports bra

Following years of development, along with advancements in neuroscience and behavioral psychology, Lululemon, the activewear company, has developed a sports bra called Enlite for active lifestyle consumers.

Alexandra Plante, innovation product manager of Lululemon Whitespace and an engineer, shepherded the creation of the bra.

“The journey began more than two years ago when we started research and testing around how women want to feel in their sports bra,” Plante told the Los Angeles Times. “Breast movement during running is highly complex and can be characterized as three-dimensional, moving in multiple directions: up and down, side to side, and in and out.”

“Our goal with the Enlite Bra was to create a product that could embrace movement by eliminating the elements of movement that cause discomfort, so the innovation here lies in the way we approached movement management,” she added.

Plante said that the style of the bra was created primarily for running. Athletes tested the product to optimize its utility.

“When it came to Enlite, we threw out the rulebook on how bras are usually designed, and decided to start from the body by draping fabric onto a 3-D form, Plante noted. “The lightweight Spacer fabric used to create the Enlite Bra cups wraps around the natural curvature of the body, housing each breast separately — since each moves individually, rather than as a single mass — without compressing the tissue. We then applied a unique combination of encapsulated cups, engineered to soften bounce.”

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