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Best golf exercises to improve your game

After an unusually brutal winter, golf season is finally here. The weakest part of most golfers' bodies is the part they need most: the core. Without strong, pliable muscles in the stomach, hips, and lower back, golfers can't make a swing that is both powerful and technically sound. In the February edition of Golf Digest, [...]

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There are over 250,000 health apps

There's now more than 250,000 fitness and health apps — dubbed "mHealth apps" — available for download. According to a new study from researchers at Bond University, published in NPJ Digital Medicine, there is little evidence that most of these apps actually work. The Bond University study didn't look at every app available. Instead, it [...]

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National Senior Health & Fitness Day is on May 30

Here at Generation Active, we often celebrate the multigenerational emphasis on health and fitness in recent years. Fitness culture is on the rise, while unhealthy indicators, such as obesity, are down. A lot of that has to do with the two generations that differ the most in terms of age and experience. Both Millennials and [...]

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24 Hour Fitness launches new behavior change study

24 Hour Fitness and the University of Pennsylvania’s Behavior Change for Good Initiative (BCFG) announced a "game-changing" science-based partnership and research study to explore what really motivates gym-goers with the goal of creating lasting habits. The StepUp Program, launching this month, is a science-based interactive digital program developed to encourage more visits to the gym [...]

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Younger generations are leading the active lifestyle movement

A recent survey involving 30,999 Americans found that Millennials were the most active generation of them all, a huge letdown for critics of America's youth. The Baby Boomer generation, while more active than in decades past, were reportedly the least active. The 2018 Physical Activity Council Participation Report on sports and activities in the U.S. [...]

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South Florida city now offers free Zumba classes in city park

Emphasis on health and fitness does not just have to be a personal matter. It can be a collective effort involving both the private and public sector. The city of Doral apparently understands this, as it has launched a free Zumba class for its residents. Over 300 people in Downtown Doral Park attended the latest [...]

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New pasta and Mac-and-Cheese dinners for workout warriors

Modern Table®, maker of delicious, complete protein pastas and meal kits, introduced an exciting new pasta shape - Spirals - and two new Mac & Cheese flavors - White Cheddar and Sharp Cheddar - adding to it's growing portfolio of tasty, convenient, nutrient dense meal options. As the newest addition to Modern Table's pasta lineup, [...]

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How this NFL prospect lost weight in the run up to the draft

The NFL Draft can be stressful times for football players who have post-collegiate aspirations. Teams comb through prospects' pasts in order to ensure they can make the transition to the NFL. It's a rigorous process. Through all this intense scrutiny, players are expected to not only maintain their shape, but also grow and develop in [...]

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Yoga can soothe anxious grade schoolers

Yoga at school may manifest real rewards for grade schoolers, according to new research. HealthDay News reports on a study involving 52 third-graders with anxiety symptoms who were chosen to take part in yoga sessions for eight weeks. These students were compared to a control group that received usual care such as counseling and other activities [...]

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Miami man commutes to work on paddle board to avoid traffic

Parker Lake was tired of traffic jams, so he came up with a solution that only generation active could imagine. Lake now paddles to two new jobs on a stand-up paddle board. His new travel companions are now manatees, dolphins, pelicans and spotted eagle rays, the Associated Press reported. Looking to escape the confines of [...]

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